I have a 20 year experience in the business as an Art Director.

My profile and portfolios are all on Advertising and Direct Marketing, Incentive Campaigns, Professional Campaigns and a Corporative Events.

I was born in Santo André but now I live in Santos. I am graduated in Graphic Design and I have a MBA in Marketing from ESPM University.

Throughout my career, I was able to participate in many courses: Visual Design with Alexandre Wollner, Graphic Production, After Effects, Advanced Photoshop, 3D Max (Electronic Mock up and Character Modelling) and Vray. My actual job from the past 5 years is Art Director in iMasters.

I develop all visual creations to all the events. From logos, to printed and scenography pieces. Besides that I create stands on 3d Max applying our communication, I develop creation, diagrams for our monthly magazine.

My jobs before were Geo Eventos (a events company from Globo), there I participated on the creations of Lollapalooza, Soccer Run, Expo Money, Super Bikes and the list goes on. I have won Best Marketing Design 2012 prize for the creation of the brand of Santos Soccer team centenary.

I am a Photoshop Columnist for iMasters, with an average of 200 thousand accesses per month and a total of 13 millions views. I have written articles for 3 Photoshop magazines: Photoshop Brasil, Silk and Sign and iMasters Magazine.

I have received a commemorative seal with a print run 300 thousands units for the creation of the centenary of Santos Soccer team.

I work with: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, 3d Max and Vray. I have coordinated creation crews and supervised all the work fluxes.

Come and see my portfolio and get to know all my projects. If you have any doubts, lets chat!